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Custom MSPGeekCon 2023 Reviung 34 Split Keyboard

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Customize your typing experience like never before with the Reviung 34 Split Keyboard - Revised by Worldspawn for MSPGeekCon 2023! It's ortholinear design is ergonomically designed and futuristic, giving your desk setup a one-of-kind look! Get ready to wow your friends with a keyboard that looks like you've phoned in a custom order to the keyboard gods. So what're you waiting for? Let's get typin'! Purchase this kit with everything needed for a unique build!

Kit includes:

- Reviung34 Split PCB set - revised by Worldspawn for MSPGeekCon 2023
- FR4 top and bottom plates with commemorative logos
- Full XDA keycap set
- Kailh Box Cream linear switches
- OLED screen
- Ethernet cable (to connect each side)
- Screws, standoffs, and allen wrench
- Documented 4-layer keymap
- Fully programmed (QMK) and ready for use

Does not include USB-C cable.